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Can we help you find a mtg.?

Why do we “pass the basket” at meetings?

AA’s Preamble and 7th Tradition tell us: There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions….

The Seventh Tradition: Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

The AA brochure The Twelve Traditions Illustrated reminds us, “As active alcoholics we were always looking for a handout—in one way or another.” 

“Experience has taught us also, that AA as a whole needs to be self-supporting and independent.”

AA at Fairview Riverside serves suffering alcoholics with time, fellowship, meetings, and sponsors. In addition, your donations help us bring support such as: 

  • Meeting rooms 
  • Straight Talk,
  • Literature, & Medallions 
  • Support for: AA World Services; local Intergroups; Area 36 Southern MN, District 18,
  • Gopher State Roundup hospitality  

Why not talk about the 7th Tradition in your group to see if action is needed?

Suggested voluntary contribution: $2 per week

Copyright © 2015 Board of Trustees, AA at Fairview Riverside.
* Copyright © The AA Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission.
**Reprinted from the AA brochure The Twelve Traditions Illustrated, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

​​Welcome to AA at Fairview Riverside

Time for Trustee Elections

It is that time of the year for each group to elect a member to serve on the Board of Trustees. Please read this or raise this issue at your AA Meetings. Serving on the Board is a great way to serve your AA group and to meet other members of the Fairview Riverside AA community. Your participation is very important at this time! Please send a representative.

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to serve the Groups of A.A. at Fairview Riverside as a common voice in matters concerning the A.A. membership and other groups, Fairview Riverside Rehabilitation Center, the A.A. community in Minnesota, and the A.A. community at large. As a practical matter, the Board of Trustees manages the finances, paying rent to the hospital, and decides what percentages and amounts of collected contributions are distributed to the AA service organizations.

The Board also coordinates 12 step opportunities for the groups, and organizes and staffs the St. Mary’s/Fairview Riverside hospitality suite at Gopher State Round-up. The Board of Trustees for AA at Fairview Riverside meets at 6:15 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month at the lobby lounge by the Brennan Center in the east building.

Any member of an AA group that meets at Fairview-Riverside University of Minnesota Medical Center is welcome to, and encouraged to attend and contribute. If your group does not have an elected Trustee, please elect a Trustee and send them to the next Board of Trustees meeting, February 10th .

We will continue to post the monthly Treasurer’s Report and Secretary’s Report on our website, each month. 

If any group has any questions, concerns, or comments that they would like to bring to the attention of the Board of Directors, please send a note or letter through the mailbox on the fifth floor, call Bruce M. (Treasurer) at (612) 816-7929, or e-mail Bruce M. at AA at Fairview Riverside Board of Trustees 

12 Step Opportunities available at Fairview Riverside AA

To keep the program, we must give it away!

 General Meeting – Sunday speakers – 7:15pm – Brennan Center – East Building

Always looking for people to help; making coffee, set up, greeting attendees. See AJ or Kyle

 AA Wing Meeting – Saturdays – 6:30pm – 5th Floor Treatment Center – Cafeteria

 Fairview Riverside – U of M Detox Center – Sundays – 7:00pm

                                        (See John or Grant in squad 2, 8:30 Sunday evenings)

 Annual Gopher State Round Up – AA Hospitality Suite – Memorial Day 
                   Weekend, 2019 - Double Tree Hilton Hotel – Bloomington

For more information, please email Fairview Riverside Board of Trustees at